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We are
D.S Company

D.S Company is a registered firm. It was founded by Vivek Sharma and Deepak Sharma in the year 2019. D.S Company has endeavored to provide its clients the premium quality services at reasonable prices with expertise. The D.S Company envisions playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of our great nation. Services and support include IT services, arts, music, education and child development. Throughout these areas, we are devoted to innovation and exponential growth.

My Skills

Web Services

We design and create websites that allure your mind by its sense of style & Attractive User Interface


Drawing, painting, sketching, digital art & online learning platform.


Introductory and intermediate music theory & practical lessons.


Learning English, Hindi, French & Crafting

D S Company


Creating a digital platform offers maximum convenience for website and learning related issues.



In the long run, we aim to create a platform that facilitates learning, innovations, and entrepreneurship for young people.

Why Choose Me?

Professional skills
Perfect Equipment
unic vision
focusing knowledges

Our Team

vivek sharma

Vivek Kumar

At the helm of leadership, our esteemed Chief Managing Director, ignites a blaze of innovation propelling exponential growth. Outside the corporate sphere, he transforms into a mesmerizing motivational speaker, an emotive musician, an unwavering philanthropist, a masterful artist, and a nurturing computer instructor. Vivek Kumar Sharma’s kaleidoscope of talents weaves a vibrant tapestry that enriches lives, radiating inspiration, boundless creativity, and unwavering empowerment.

Untitled design (19)

Shitanshu Shekhar

With an illustrious role as Chief Technology Officer, he stands as a visionary in the tech realm. A maestro consultant and IT virtuoso, he intricately navigates the domains of Search Engine Optimization, Web and Application Development, Robotic Process Automation, and Operations & Project Management. His finesse extends to Audio & Video Editing, painting life into multimedia landscapes. With a kaleidoscope of talents, his strategic consultations reshape businesses. A true luminary shaping digital frontiers with a blend of innovation and expertise.


Deepak Sharma

The Chief Operating Officer, With a dynamic role in driving operational excellence, brings a unique blend of skills to the table. As a talented animator, his creative visions come to life. His artistic prowess adds a vibrant touch to everything he does. Beyond the tech realm, he is a passionate philanthropist, making a positive impact on the world. His multifaceted talents and dedication embody innovation and compassion, driving both the company and his philanthropic endeavors forward.

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